Best Kratom for Energy: Strains Effects and Dosage

If you’re looking for the best kratom strains for energy, focus, and overall wellness, many options are available. However, there are many questions that we need to consider before buying them in the first place.


If you want to enhance your energy levels, consider using kratom. It is an herbal supplement usually in powder form or capsules, making it easy to ingest your recommended daily dose. It will not only increase your energy or clear your mind but will provide other potential health benefits. Fortunately, using kratom for energy does not cause any caffeine hangovers.


Before you buy kratom strains for energy and focus, we want to inform you of the product’s different strains, effects, and dosage. We will also discuss how kratom works and where to buy the best kratom products available on the market. If you’re new to kratom, this information will be pretty helpful.


What is Kratom?

Kratom is a preparation of the leaves of an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, specifically from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Borneo. The tree is related to the coffee plant, and the powdered form of its leaves can act as a stimulant or sedative depending on the strain or the amount taken.


Kratom contains an alkaloid called mitragynine, the active ingredient that provides energy when taken in low doses but can turn into a sedative in high doses. Mitragynine interacts with the opioid receptors in the brain, producing the desired result. In this article, we will look into the different strains of kratom that can be useful for enhancing energy levels.


We have suggested that kratom can increase energy and improve focus, but not all strains have the same effects. Some varieties are best for sedation and pain relief. For instance, Maeng da is a popular strain for boosting energy levels compared to other types.


Since kratom and other dietary supplements are unregulated, it is best to speak to your doctor and get a recommendation before using them. In addition, always follow the recommended dosage provided by the manufacturer to get the most benefit from the product.


Best Kratom Strains for Energy and Focus

Many people are interested in kratom because it can keep them energized and focused for a more extended period than other stimulants available on the market. Some strains can make you so focused for many hours without experiencing any premature burnouts.


Kratom is also fascinating because it can enhance energy production at lower doses and induce sedation at high doses. It may sound contradictory, but the counterintuitive effects can deliver a balance in the body.


Consider caffeine, for example. It can stimulate your mind and body after you drink it, but many people experience palpitations, shaking, and restlessness with just a cup of strong coffee. Even worse, it can heighten anxiety levels and stress. Kratom does not cause any adverse side effects, making it a better alternative to caffeinated drinks.


As mentioned, not all kratom strains are best for energy and focus. Here are our top recommendations for the best kratom for energy and focus.


Maeng Da Kratom

The Maeng Da kratom strain traces its origins in the tropical area of Thailand. The name translates to “pimp strength” or “pimp grade” because of its strong efficacy. The strain contains high mitragynine content, an effective stimulant and pain reliever. It is available in different colours, but the white variety is often the best for stimulating energy.


Benefits of Maeng Da Kratom


  • Contains high levels of mitragynine for enhanced energy
  • Provides increased stimulation without any jitters
  • Improves alertness and mental clarity
  • Energy boost enhances stamina and feelings of enthusiasm
  • Alleviates chronic pain and eliminates the fatigue associated with it
  • Relieves stress and anxiety caused by lack of energy


Maeng Da is the first on this list because it has the best potency for energy among all other strains on the market. It is also one of the most popular varieties because of its various potential health benefits. Its energy booster effect can benefit you in many ways. It will not only make you wide awake, but it will raise your mental focus and clarity, which is beneficial when you are doing creative or productive work.


As soon as you consume Maeng Da, you will notice that you can efficiently finish challenging mental activities, your fatigue levels go down, and your enthusiasm and stamina increase. Because of this, you will find more motivation to complete physical work and other activities that require energy and focus.


Maeng Da kratom has properties that can alleviate chronic pain and reduce fatigue. While many people take Maeng Da for energy, others relieve pain. Hence, if you are experiencing physical pain in your body, taking this kratom can help you live a better life.


It can reduce stress and anxiety symptoms, thus helping consumers dispel any negative intrusive thoughts, making them focus on more critical tasks. Maeng Da is an effective energy booster that can provide you with a huge motivational boost to make you more focused and productive.


White Bali Kratom

White Bali is a strain with a higher potency than other strains, making it perform faster and more effectively. Because of its higher potency, you have to start with a low dosage and increase it only when your body gets used to its effects.


Benefits of White Bali Kratom


  • Improves overall well-being
  • Boosts focus and attention
  • Enhances feelings of optimism and enthusiasm for hours
  • Can help with fatigue and muscle cramps


The White Bali Kratom strain originates from Indonesia. Labourers and farmers in the area usually use it to boost their energy levels to work longer hours during the day. Even today, the white vein kratom is still used culturally in the region. Today, other parts of the world celebrate the White Bali Kratom as the most potent strain available.


The tree can take many years to produce the large leaves of kratom powder. It also requires up to four days of drying before the leaves can be processed into a powder. It takes longer for the strain to mature and for the leaves to be processed compared to other strains. Nevertheless, once processed and packaged, it is one of the best and most potent strains for energy.


The strain is mainly used to enhance mental and physical wellness. It provides consumers with enthusiasm, motivation, optimism for many afters. Also, it enhances energy and mental focus once you take it in lower doses. It will change its effect if you take too much and turn it into a sedative.


The White Bali Kratom is great for people who want to boost energy in the morning. Take the recommended dose as soon as you wake up, and you are more likely to have a great time ahead of you. The high level of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in this strain can be potent. Hence, start with a low dose if you are a beginner. You can gradually take more of the product until you reach your ideal dose.


White Borneo Kratom

White Borneo is a strain native to the large island of Borneo. You can easily distinguish the white veins in the plant’s leaves. It is one of the most potent strains for energy and focus, widely popular for its distinct kick. Many users drink White Borneo tea in the morning instead of coffee because it does not cause any adverse side effects of too much caffeine.


Benefits of White Borneo Kratom


  • It is an energy-boosting stimulant
  • Reduces physical fatigue
  • A great alternative to coffee
  • Enhances mental alertness and focus
  • It does not induce anxiety, unlike coffee
  • Improves mood, optimism, motivation, and enthusiasm
  • It has a long duration of effects that can last for hours


White Borneo stimulates energy, enhances mood, and works as a pain reliever. Its energy-boosting properties work on the mental and physical levels. When you take the strain in its processed form, it will add an extra kick of concentration and alertness to allow you to execute daily tasks without feeling distracted or lazy.


The strain’s energy-boosting capacity is almost similar to that of coffee. In terms of biology, kratom is related to coffee, but it does not produce anxiety-inducing effects. This makes kratom a better alternative to any other stimulant on the market.


The White Borneo strain produces an effect that has a relatively longer duration than any other strain. In some cases, just one dose of it in the morning can provide you with an energy boost for the entire day. Fortunately, it will not cause you to crash after exhausting its effects.


Red Vein Kratom

Aside from its energy-boosting properties, the Red Vein Kratom strain is ideal for anxiety. When taken in larger doses, it can calm the nerves and work as a sedative. Remember to take the recommended amount if you want to use it for energy, though. Taking more than the recommended dose can make you sleepy.


Benefits of Red Vein Kratom


  • It energizes the whole body
  • It can potentially treat anxiety
  • It can work as a pain reliever
  • In higher doses, it can work as a sedative


When shopping for kratom products, you get bombarded with so many options. There are red, white, and green varieties. Nevertheless, the Red Vein Kratom stands out because it can boost energy, provide pain, relieve, and reduce anxiety. Hence, it is one of the most popular strains available.


This strain also traces its origin in Southeast Asia. It can take some time for the tree to grow its large leaves, and the leaves have to be processed and dried differently to make it potent. There is a vital fermentation process to ensure that the mitragynine and 7-hydromitragynine are locked in the final product. The time and hard work it takes to process the strain is worth it because it provides many health benefits.


After the strain has been processed into powder, it undergoes lab-testing and pasteurization for quality control. It is crucial to ensure the potency and safety of the product before it reaches the end consumer.


Pure Red Vein Kratom is best for anxiety and pain relief. Once ingested, it can deliver its effects in a few minutes. You will notice that it enhances your energy levels, calms your nerves to relieve anxiety, and reduces pain sensation.


Green Indo Kratom

Green Indo Kratom originates from Indonesia. It is one of the oldest strains available on the market, but it remains pretty popular. Most green vein strains have a weaker potency than white and red strains, but it is still packed with many benefits. If you want an energy boost, weaker potency strains can help you in that regard.


Benefits of Green Indo Kratom


  • Weaker or milder strains work best for an energy boost
  • A better strain for beginners
  • Delvers both alertness and calmness
  • Enhances good mood and soothes the mind and body


The Green Indo Kratom offers a mild potency, but its advantages. Heavy strains are not for every user. If you want to experience the energy-boosting property of kratom without getting too overpowered, start with green vein varieties. Sometimes, high potency strains can leave you in a state of feeling like being too deep, which can affect your productivity. If you want a great initiation to the world of kratom, start with Green Indo and experience enhanced energy and focus without being too overwhelmed.


Like other strains, Green Indo can stimulate and relax. It can lead you to experience enhanced energy levels, clarity of thought, and enhanced focus without getting tired or sleepy. You will feel that you are at ease, but you do not feel like you will nap anytime soon. Green Indo can achieve such a balance and does not go extreme. If you want to stay focused without feeling anxious, Green Indo is a good fit.


Many people want to use Green Indo because of its balanced effect. It provides the right amount of stimulation for you to perform your daily routines while allowing you to relax at the end of the day. Some green varieties can make you feel sleepy, but Green Indo provides a good amount of energy while making you feel calm.


The calmness provided by the strain boosts mood and motivation and will not get you euphoric like potent strains. Nonetheless, it will give you a soothing sensation that is enough to make you satisfied.


How Does Kratom Work for Energy?

Mitragynine is the primary alkaloid and active ingredient in kratom. When these compounds enter the human body, they interact with the cell receptors and signal the brain to produce energy. In addition, the combinations will also relieve anxiety and symptoms of depression by signalling the brain to release serotonin and endorphins.


Anxiety and depression make the body stay in a flight state, depleting energy. When you use kratom to minimize the effects of these conditions, you can feel better and have better energy to do other things.


Kratom also enhances the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that can control memory, learning, and attention. White vein kratom, for instance, is effective in boosting focus because of acetylcholine. In addition, kratom stimulates the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline and the blood flow to the muscles to enhance energy.


Kratom Dosage for Energy 

It is essential to pay attention to the dosage of the best kratom you get your hands into, just like any other supplement you ingest. When you consume kratom in low doses, it can enhance energy and focus. However, once you consume higher doses, you will experience the opposite effect because it will cause you to be euphoric but sedated.


When it is your first time taking kratom, stick to a dose of 2 grams. If you have good experience with the powder, you can take a total dose of 4 grams. Go for 6 grams or higher if you want to experience the effects of a strong dose. Remember that a high dose can make you euphoric and sedated but may also cause you to be nauseous.


When Not to Use Kratom

Kratom is a safe product, but it may cause you to experience adverse effects. If you experience the following effects, it would be best to stop consumption:


  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Liver damage
  • Excessive sweating
  • Itching
  • Dry mouth


In addition, you should consult your doctor before using kratom, especially when you are taking prescription medications to treat various conditions.


When To Use Kratom

There have been many positive first-hand user experiences with kratom. Hence, you should consider using it only if you have some of the conditions below that you want to alleviate:


  • Lack of energy
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain and other kinds of pain
  • PTSD
  • Autoimmune disease


Again, it is crucial to get your healthcare provider’s recommendation before taking kratom. If you feel any of the adverse side effects mentioned in the previous section, consult your doctor to get proper advice.


Choosing the Best Kratom for Energy

Now you know what kratom can do and have a good grasp on what strains are best for energy. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind:


Maeng Da kratom is still your best bet if you want an energy boost. Although other strains can do the same, Maeng Da is still considered the best strain for energy.


Do not buy your kratom from any source. Do your due diligence and check if the brand is of high quality or not. Never buy from illegal sources, though. Be sure that you purchase only from trusted and reputable companies. Keep in mind that brand reputation is king when it comes to product choice.


Kratom strains have various applications. Be sure to choose the right strain for the proper condition. Remember that stains are not only for energy but for treating pain, anxiety, depression, stress, and others. You can get more information by reading users’ comments to determine which conditions specific strains treat better than others.


Where to Buy Kratom for Energy and Focus

Now that you know which kratom strains are best for energy, where can you buy quality products? There are many vendors, but be careful where you buy your supplies. Be sure to buy from a trusted source.


At NectarLeaf, we make sure all our kratom products are top quality and effective. We want the best for your customers, so we ensure that our products undergo rigorous tests to determine safety and potency. If you are interested in kratom products to boost your energy, check out these products on our shop:


Ultra Enhanced Capsules Sample Pack


The product contains 10oz Indo, Red Kali, and Maeng Da samples. It is made from pure kratom alkaloids to deliver the most potent effects of the plant. It contains no other additives or fillers, just pure kratom powder.


Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract


If you prefer the Indo strain, then get this product. It is made from super quality Indo leaf. The product is full-spectrum, which means that it contains all the aroma and flavour of the extract. With just one gram, you are going to feel the full effects of kratom.


Bottom Line

While there are many strains of kratom available, not all of them are going to provide you with the needed energy and focus on keeping you alert and on your feet for the entire day. Out of all our recommendations, the best strain of choice is Maeng Da. This potent strain can enhance your energy levels, relieve pain, and reduce anxiety. Only a small dose of this kratom strain can leave you energized for the whole day.


Remember that going far beyond the small dose can produce an opposite effect. Never take too much kratom unless you intend to feel its sedative effects. Too much kratom can also leave you euphoric but nauseated. Always keep up with the recommended dose for energy and focus.

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