The Nectar Leaf Experience

Our Guarantee

While many other CBD products are sold with a disclaimer stating their percentages of CBD may vary from batch to batch, every product sold from Nectar Leaf is guaranteed to contain the amount of CBD listed on the label.

Nectar Leaf ensures that all products sold contain THC levels lower than 0.3 percent. It is important to us that we maintain this quality control so we remain compliant with DEA policy and safeguard against our customers receiving products with any unwanted or detrimental side effects.

Our Commitment To You


We stand by every product we sell with a strong customer service and support network to help you through your process of purchasing the right CBD product. We will not sell CBD that tests positive for known residual solvents or any toxins or dangerous heavy metals. It is important to us that every single dose of CBD sold is safe for human consumption as Nectar Leaf aims to set the industry standard for pure and safe CBD.

Part of our customer service is providing an up-to-date resource center with the latest research journals and articles on the benefits of cannabidiol. This resource center has been created with our customers in mind, providing access to a comprehensive database of recent studies, tests, and general resources regarding CBD research and the applicable conditions.

This resource also features current events and news stories for you to explore the growing influence of CBD in business and politics and read inspirational stories about the impact of this product to families around the globe.

We encourage you to visit our Cannabidiol Resource Center to learn more about this incredible product.


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