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Nectar Leaf is committed to advancing the understanding of the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol while enhancing access to affordable, high quality CBD. 

Commitment to the Community

There is a rapidly growing body of research demonstrating the vast therapeutic properties of CBD, but it has historically been unavailable to many people who need it the most. There are countless stories where a family has had to move across the country to a medical cannabis state because their child has epilepsy that’s unresponsive to pharmaceuticals but is treatable with CBD. 

We strive to eliminate the decision countless families are forced to make, uprooting their lives just so their child can get through the day without having a seizure. 

Commitment to Your Health

Because we value every customer and take the health and wellbeing of our community seriously, we do not source our CBD from industrial hemp farms known to contain harmful heavy metals or solvents. Some heavy metals and class one solvents (the most dangerous toxic class of solvents) have been present in the test results of other hemp oil products, resulting in diarrhea, vomiting, gastro-intestinal distress, and likely other less immediately detectable health issues.

There has also been extensive research on the safety profile of cannabidiol. In human studies, CBD administration did not induce side effects across a wide range of dosages, including acute and chronic regimens, and tolerance to CBD did not develop. Learn more about the safety of CBD and its effectiveness towards pain relief and inflammation:


We remain committed to our customers and the community and go to great lengths to serve those who are looking for real solutions to real problems. That's why we stand by our product and guarantee you're getting exactly what you've ordered with no surprises.

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