Kratom Extract Capsules– Everything You Need To Know

Kratom capsules have become tremendously popular as herbal supplements for both a mood booster and relaxation. Kratom is a natural plant people use for multiple purposes. Kratom was discovered by a Dutch botanist over a hundred years ago, but has been used by people in Southeast Asia for 400 years, at least.


Kratom comes in various consumable forms. People can chew on Kratom leaves or drink them with tea. It also exists in the powdered form, ingested via dissolution in a liquid medium. However, this article will focus on Kratom capsules, which you’ve probably already heard of.


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Kratom may also have adverse effects if taken in high doses. Therefore, greater awareness among users and health professionals about its benefits/risks is advised.

Here’s a quick guide to what you’ll need to know about Kratom capsules.


What’s Kratom?

Kratom is a name commonly and popularly utilized to describe Mitragyna Speciosa, i.e., a herb native to Southeast Asia used anciently as a medical substance. The kratom tree belongs to the coffee tree family and is known by the following names: Biak, Ketum, Kakuam, Thang, and Thom.


The most active ingredient found in its leaves is mitragynine. This compound produce Kratom’s relaxing effects, especially when taking the substance in large doses. Other alkaloids produce stimulant effects.


Although all Kratom products come from the same species, various strains offer different effects. Experts categorize Kratom strains from the vein’s color or the herb’s region. The main Kratom vein types include:

  • Red vein
  • Yellow vein
  • Green vein
  • White vein


Kratom capsules may contain only a single strain of the plant, or the user can mix different Kratom strains for specific benefits. Furthermore, Kratom comes in several variations, which are prime or top-shelf forms of the plant. Note that Maeng Da is a more potent version of the plant.

Kratom is available in various forms, including whole or chopped leaves, Kratom powder extracts, liquid extracts, capsules, or pills.


Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are made from hard or soft gelatin and filled with the plant’s leaves in either crushed or powdered Kratom. You can save money and make your Kratom capsules, but we recommend leaving the capsule preparation to professionals.


Taking Kratom via capsules offers many benefits, notably avoiding powdered Kratom’s bitter taste and chalkiness. Make sure you read this informative blog to know how to make Kratom taste better.


Capsules aren’t an excellent option for folks who need to take Kratom in very high doses (e.g., over 7 or 8 grams). They’ll need to take a lot of capsules to get the desired dose. And that much gelatin from so many capsules can make the stomach feel uneasy.


Since many find Kratom capsules convenient, they often prefer them instead of Kratom tea or direct powder servings. Capsules are now famous for being the Kratom products of choice for many Kratom users due to their pure nature and fast results.


Different Kratom Types 

Kratom is essentially dried, but sometimes you can turn its fresh leaves into powder. Using white and green Kratom veins, you can make liquid Kratom extract, pill, or gum. 

Moreover, people can chew Kratom leaves, consume them in food, or brew the powdered or dried leaves in a tea.


Why Use Kratom Capsules

Kratom can help improve focus motivation and boost energy levels to cope with a busy lifestyle.


After consuming Kratom, it takes 5-15 minutes for the effects to appear. The effects can stay effective in your body for 2-5 hours. The substance works like a stimulant that increases alertness and sociability in low doses.


As mentioned before, many civilizations have been using Kratom as an herbal remedy for centuries.

  • Decreasing fatigue
  • Increasing energy & focus
  • Mood booster
  • Relaxation


Kratom Capsules vs Tablets

Capsules are similar to tablets in many regards. Capsules contain Kratom powder and come in different doses, measurements, and packages. Tablets are pressed extract.


Kratom capsules that hold a pre-measured dose also contribute to the capsules’ popularity. This also means there’s no need to mix Kratom with a binding agent to make a tablet anymore, keeping the powder pure without any impurities or ingredients. There’s no bitter taste associated with capsules either, as they’re entirely flavorless


The capsule shell has been designed to break instantly after consumption, making it possible to feel the full effects within an hour. Manufacturers usually make capsules from collagen or gelatin from an animal or plant that breaks down quickly after consumption. 


Kratom Extract vs. Powder

Once the plant matures, Kratom leaves are turned into powder form. However, adult plant leaves are dried before being ground into powder. Powdered Kratom is the entire plant with nothing removed from it.


On the other hand, Kratom extract is nothing but a concentrated form of Kratom. The first steps in making extracted Kratom are similar to powder. Producers boil the dried leaves or fine previously-made powder. The boiling process continues for a long time, after which the mixture is strained.


This process is similar to brewing. The aim is to take out all the alkaloids while making them more potent. The extra effort to produce Kratom extracts explains why it costs more than the powder.



The primary difference between the Kratom powder and the extract is its potency. The ratios can be 2:1, 3:1, and so on. For example, 2:1 implies the extract has twice the strength of the powder. So, 0.33 g of 15x extracted Kratom is expected to deliver the same punch as 5 g of regular Kratom.


The dose of extracted Kratom you consume depends on the Kratom powder you were previously using. So, it would be best if you were consistent and always used a Kratom product (or a series of related products) from the same brand.


This consistency ensures that producers have made all the products uniformly. Although, many believe that trying different Kratom types lets you use your findings and compare different products with each other. It also helps you evaluate different Kratom products better.


What About Kratom Extracts

In the case of simple (non-extracted) powder, you shouldn’t take any more than 5 grams at a time. But if you’re trying to extract powder, which is a considerably more potent form of the substance, you should cut it down according to its ratio.


You’ll typically encounter labels like 15x, saying they used 15 grams of leaves to make one g of the extracted Kratom.


How Kratom Works in Human Body

Kratom can induce a rush of euphoria akin to opioid effects but much milder. Simultaneously, kratom alkaloids also act on adrenergic receptors, giving a coffee-like stimulant buzz, but with relaxing rather than jittery effects.


Kratom , thereby triggering a flood of some of the brain’s neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) which help regulate mood and influence decision-making processes.


Don’t forget to speak with your doctor before taking any Kratom on your own!


Potential Risks & Side Effects of Kratom Capsules

In a 2010 study, scientists examined Kratom effects by surveying 136 people who actively used Kratom. The study described Kratom as affordable, readily available, without serious side effects despite prolonged use. This study included no testing on Kratom’s health effects or potential dangers.


Since Kratom capsules can produce opioid-like effects, their use may lead to dependence (addiction). What scientists know about Kratom is highly limited, and we need more research to understand this intriguing plant’s properties better.


Advantages of Kratom Capsules

Ingesting Kratom capsules has various benefits, such as


Ease of Use

Convenience is a significant advantage of consuming Kratom capsules. These capsules are small and compact, so much that you can arrange them inside a mini bag compartment. And when you wish to consume them, you can do so without anyone noticing.


Kratom powders can easily spill inside your bag or get blown off by the wind. But the compact nature of the capsules makes the powder content less likely to cause a mess. Kratom capsules already contain a measured amount of the powder.


Kratom capsules are suitable substitutes for Kratom tea, too, since capsules are ready-made for instant consumption.


Kratom Dosage Chart

Kratom capsules typically come in standard sizes and thus require no further measurement. However, you should be aware of Kratom dosage and capsule sizing in general in the long run. It’s recommended to read the product label to ensure you’re getting the right amount. Capsule packs should specify the mg of Kratom contained.

The number of Kratom capsules you take depends on what effects you’re looking for. Capsules come in the standard 00 sizes, housing 500 mg of Kratom (or 1/2 gram). But some companies produce the larger 000 capsules, holding about 750mg (3/4 gram) of Kratom.


The 00 capsules are easier to take but hold less Kratom, and the 000 capsules are more significant but more challenging to handle. The standard dosage for Kratom is 1-5 grams.


Let’s imagine knowing what effects you desire from taking Kratom. It’s straightforward; you need a table that narrows down different dosage guides. One such as the following table.

Kratom Dosage




1 – 3 g

Low Dose

As a coffee alternative, this dose can boost energy or produce the nootropic effects of Kratom


3 – 5 g

Moderate Dose

For energizing, mild relief, and mellow euphoric effects


5 – 8 g

High Dose

For heavier relaxing effects


8 – 12 g

Very High Dose

Not for beginners


Kratom Capsules–Cautions

When it comes to taking Kratom capsules, you need to take into account the following points carefully:


Store Properly

You need to store your capsules in a cool and dry location. The moisture should not even contact the outer shell of capsules, as moisture may cause the product to lose its effectiveness and quality.


There are consequences to storing capsules in warm places you can’t undo. For example, did you know that warm environments can melt the capsules, which is very dangerous? The contact of molten capsules and Kratom powder can change the substance’s chemical properties and make something else entirely!


Also, store your capsules out of children’s reach. The consumer must care for their Kratom medicine and limit its access as much as possible.


Use It As It Is

You can take the Kratom inside the capsule shell and consume the powder. However, it’s best to take this medicine in capsules. 


You shouldn’t chew on the capsules if you intend to consume Kratom capsules since it negates the purpose. The powder coming in direct contact with the oral cavity may be very sharp in taste or cause intense irritation.


This ill-advised practice is not uncommon among people consuming Kratom capsules. But that doesn’t make it any less dangerous!


How To Find Kratom

The Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) is not difficult to find, but the lowest quality, mass produced, contaminated garbage can be found in gas stations and CBD and Kratom chain stores which have been proven to sell contaminated kratom. Go to for quality, lab tested kratom!


Bottom Line

Our online Kratom services promise high-quality products affordably to our valued customers. They can effortlessly purchase Kratom online in several forms, including powder and capsules.

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