Colombian Medium Roast Red Vein Blend


A smooth combination of Colombian Medium Roast ground coffee and Red Vein kratom in each individual drip filter bag. Designed for your convenience, these disposable drip filter bags are ensured to keep your blend fresh until it is time to brew.

To use: Simply tear the bag open, hook the side handles onto a cup, and pour in your hot water. Allow the contents to be fully submerged for several minutes before removing.

6 grams of Kratom
10 grams of Coffee Per Bag

Nectar Leaf Coffee is grown using sustainable, eco-friendly farming methods in the high altitudes of the Colombian Amazon Rainforest. Our medium roast ground coffee has a signature smooth flavor with an exceptionally balanced red vein kratom blend. This strain is one of the calmest, giving you a perfect balance between coffee’s alertness and red vein’s sense of tranquility and full body relaxation. Zen and energy, the best of both worlds!

Ingredients: 100% pure Kratom and Arabica Coffee. No additives or fillers.

Individual Drip Bags

4 Bags, 8 Bags, 16 Bags

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