Nectar Leaf Colombian Dark Roast Ground Coffee, Drip Filter Bags


One full-bodied cup of Colombian Dark Roast ground coffee in each individual drip filter bag. Designed for your convenience, these disposable drip filter bags are ensured to keep your coffee fresh until it is time to brew.

To use: simply tear the bag open, hook the side handles onto a cup, pour in your hot water, then enjoy!

10 grams of Coffee Per Bag

Nectar Leaf Coffee is grown using sustainable, eco-friendly farming methods in the high altitude of the Colombian Amazon rainforest. The increased elevation gives our Arabica coffee a denser, smaller, oval shaped bean which contains a highly concentrated flavor. It is through the specialized growth, harvest, and longer roasting process that this dark roast gets its signature full bodied, bold taste.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Arabica Coffee. No additives or fillers.

Individual Drip Bags

5 Bags, 10 Bags, 20 Bags

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